Da Moosie

We encounter a Moosie on our first day in Yellowstone!

My daughter, Sarah, has a stuffed moose which is about 2 feet tall. She got it for Christmas three years ago and named it Moosie. At that time, my wife worked at Macy's which features a new stuffed animal every year as part of their Christmas promotion. One day when Sarah and I went to visit my wife at work Sarah saw the stuffed mooses (or it that moosies?) all over the place. Of course, she fell in love with them (they are REALLY cute - with antlers and a nice scarf) and wanted one badly. Guess what showed up under the tree that Christmas? MOOSIE! Over they years, I have had to sew Moosie up several times. Strangely, the antlers (which are almost 18 inches across) only needed mending once. Usually it was the armpits that developed a hole. (Maybe Moosie has pit rot from never having taken a bath?) She checked out book from the library that featured a moose in Yellowstone and read it many times. So, of course, when we went on vacation to Yellowstone, Moosie had to tag along to see his real brethren. As we are driving up to the entrance to Yellowstone on the first day, Sarah and I kept saying "Where are the Moosies?" In fact we said it so much that my wife got testy. She started saying discouraging things like "You won't always see animals because they are afraid of people and stay hidden." Well, we drove up through the Tetons to the South Entrance to Yellowstone. We were about halfway from there to Old Faithful when we came around a bend in the road and encountered a bunch of cars stopped and pulled over to the side of the road. There in the woods along a creek was a female (cow) moose. MOOSIE!Da Moose!On the other side of the stream was a bull moose with a great rack! We stopped and got out of the car. I was able to walk right up to the cow. She seemed unconcerned and continued to graze. I took this picture from about ten feet away. Out of consideration for her, I didn't get any closer than that. Sarah was ecstatic!

High resolution (282K) MOOSIE

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