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The process in Washoe County, Nevada, by which a parcel of land in an unincorporated (i.e., not yet contained within city boundaries) area is annexed to a city requires several steps. First, for the cities of Reno and Sparks, the parcel must be loacted within the Sphere of Influence for the city. The Sphere of Influence is an area adjacent to the existing city boundary which the Truckee Meadows Regional Planning Commission has designated as permissible to be annexed into the city. If a parcel is not currently with the Sphere, it will be necessary to prepare and process Sphere Amendment. Once the parcel is within the Sphere, it must be adjacent to the current city boundary. The final step is to prepare an Annexation Application, which requires an Annexation Map. The Annexation Map must be prepared by a Professional Land Surveyor who is licensed in Nevada. The Map shows the current City Boundary and the boundaries of the parcel to be annexed. After the annexation of the parcel is approved by the city council, which requires a new Ordinance, the Annexation Map is filed with the Washoe County Recorder and becomes part of the Official Public Records.

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